Character Creator 3
Issue 7739
Smart hair merged materials builds wrong diffuse map
1. Open CC3
2. Place the new female Smart Hair on the default avatar
3. Export to FBX with the following settings:
Preset: Unity 3D
Instalod: checked
Merged Material (UV): By Type
Bake Texture Size: 4k
4. Export to FBX and import to Unity

Expected results:
Eyebrow diffuse RGB texture to be clean
Eyebrow diffuse alpha to apply to both eyebrow materials merged into one

Actual results:
Eyebrow diffuse RGB contains some mess from other textures
Eyebrow alpha channel shows properly set texture for the major brow pieces, but the individual hair cards are all fully white/opaque.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bytantrum
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still nothing new after two more years? i'm facing the same issues. skin/hair colors get mixed up, when using insta lod and importing to unreal.
Hello, 1 year later and nothing changed. When is the fix coming for this issue please?
This should be fixed as HIGH priority, the outcome of this bug is we cannot create LODs that resemble the high level detail character and we need LODs for performance.
Pretty fundamental!
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi tantrum

Sorry for late reply.
We've clarified the issue, the RGB texture is caused by InstaLOD, our engineer will check if there's any solution.
And the fully white/ opaque is due to one of the diffuse texture has alpha value, then merge these texture will be wrong, this issue also submit to our dev team to fix it.

Thanks for your feedback, please feel free to contact us if any.
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