Character Creator 3
Issue 7740
Smart hair merged materials base hair and scalp combined
1. Open CC3
2. Place the new female Smart Hair on the default avatar
3. Export to FBX with the following settings:
Preset: Unity 3D
Instalod: checked
Merged Material (UV): By Type
Bake Texture Size: 4k
4. Export to FBX and import to Unity

Expected results:
Hair cards will be placed above the scalp, or be able to be placed accordingly by setting the Sorting Priority of the scalp lower than the hair cards
Or perhaps an option to bake the scalp texture directly into the body/head skin mesh

Actual results:
Scalp shows above the hair cards and because they share the same mesh and material, you are stuck without option to resolve the sorting order

Shows CC3.4 w/smart hair on the left, and the results imported into Unity using the import tool on the right.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bytantrum
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The Merge Material is Useless. All pipeline is usless. It is crappy totally.
Reallusion please fix this export feature because it has no seans to seperate change overlap uv islands to not overlap and destroy hair texture.
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Victor.Soupday's own unity importer seems to be capable of taking care of this better.
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi tantrum, paulm_872026

Sorry for late reply.
This issue is caused by calculation of Unity.
In Unity world opacity can be gradual, so if hair and scalp is separated, you can decide the render sequence.
But if hair and scalp are merged, they can't be assigned the sequence.

This issue had reported to our dev team, they will try to find some solution.

Please feel free to contact us if any, thank you
It's very poor that there isn't any response to this. Very poor.
Any news on this, as the offer to buy the hair pack is up soon but no point in purchasing it if the output cannot be used?
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