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Smart-Hair Brows & Beards Won't Work When Using InstaLOD to UE4

I came across a problem today after I finally got around to testing out the Live Face Link with CC3 characters, and I noticed that one of the characters I made in CC3 using the Smart-Beard wouldn't animate the beard/moustache.

I checked all the settings in CC3, and even reapplied the Facial EX profile and re-exported the character back into UE4, which again showed the same issue.

So I decided to grab your CC3 base Caleb with Smart Brows and applied a beard, and sent it to UE4, this time without the InstaLOD and it worked as it should. I then re-exported Caleb this time with InstaLOD applied, and I had the same issue as my own character.

As I'm developing a game, the InstaLOD is a necessity for this project and all my other characters have this feature applied.

I've tested other characters where I've used the Smart-Hair range, and the issue is persistent.

I put a support ticket forward yesterday to which Rampa replied suggesting I merge beard and brows into one object on export, but unfortunately this also didn't do the trick.

Would you know a work around or is this bug that will be fixed in an upcoming update?

I've attached a picture showing what's happening.

Thank you
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byJohnnyKCreations

My apologies, I don't think I was too clear with my issue.

If I make reductions like you have on your test flow, they work as your test flow showed, but my issue is when exporting to Unreal Engine using the InstaLOD in .fbx export Clothed Character.

I've attached a screenshot of where I'm having the issue, and it only happens when I use the InstaLOD. If I don't use the InstaLOD and export the character with the recommended settings to UE4, then the facial hairs work as they should.

Here is my test flow:

- Apply smart hair content (beard & brows) to CC3+ Caleb base
- Then I go to File -> Export -> FBX Clothed Character
- From there I select Unreal Engine at my Target Tool Preset and have all the below selected in the attached screenshots.
- Once export is complete, I drag the .fbx into a folder in UE4 for that specific character, and follow the import steps using the Auto CC setup on the HQ Shader as per the available tutorials provided by Reallusion online.

I hope this clears my issue up and I do apologise I haven't attached a video workflow (home internet is super poor with uploads)
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Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi JohnnyKCreations

Thanks for contacting us.
After your flow, we can reproduce the issue and we think this is a bug.
It's reported to our team, they'll try to fix it, thank you!

Please feel free to contact us if any.
Feedback Tracker Admin

I am sorry that I can not reproduce your issue.
My test flow:
* Apply Smart Hair content(Beard)
* Execute Modify > Polygon Reduction - Object
* Export FBX, and check the file in 3d tool (see attached image), the beard has animation.

Could you please record your flow video for us?
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