iClone 7
Issue 6001
Session Freeze Problem
Over the past few days, I've been dealing with the same Session Freeze problem: Session freeze and / or feature conflict detected with the current graphics device . The program will be shut down now . Please save your project to avoid loss of data . By restarting the program the faulty graphic features will be removed for enhanced stability.
The full screen render proceeds, runs a couple of frames (none to 3) at expected speed, then runs through the remaining frames quickly without any visual movements. Essentially, you end up with a static image in the video. It doesn't effect audio. It's purely the render image.
Whether, waiting or cancelling the render, the edit window whites out (disappears) and the error message appears.
It's become quite impossible to scrub the timeline, unless you go to minimal view. That's fine except for viewing shadows. The playback in other setting is glitchy.
I don't use IRAY.
Much like others facing this one, it's a repeat performance.
Close the program > Open the program > Open the project > check > render > crash error > end.

I've had no problems rendering until now. Running NVidia GFX 750.
I've tried a few suggestions from different people to resolve, including rolling back the drivers to 417.35, downloading and installing the IC7-CC3-Rov-OFF-2 reg, and in desperation tried adding the Static Noise (Smooth Color Banding) to Post Effects.
I have rendered a previous few versions of the section of the project I'm trying to render again. It's a mere 380 frames.
I've rendered up to 2200 frames previously, even a week ago. Again, this has only been happening over the past few days, maybe 5.
I'm not having problems with any other software.
There isn't any point sending you files as the problem seems to lie with some kind of conflict somewhere.

Has anyone come up with a solution - is there something else to try?
3/4 of the way through a project... hoping for some joy.
Have attached computer info and a dodgy snap of the session freeze error for your viewing pleasure :)

Many thanks in advance.
OS: Windows 10
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