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Issue 7324
Session Freeze/Conflict with Graphics Device
I recently purchased SkinGen 1.0 Premium. I had no issue with opening CC3, but I didn't try out SkinGen. I updated all of my software recently from Reallusion Hub, and now SkinGen gives me the error in the attached screenshot. I uninstalled, then reinstalled CC3, Pipeline Ext., Smart Gallery, Headshot, and finally SkinGen. I opened CC3 between each reinstallation to confirm that I only get this error with SkinGen Premium. My computer is older, but this issue didn't start happening until after the recent updates I installed. The only way I can use CC3 is by removing SkinGen Premium.

Additional information: After receiving the error in the screenshot, I closed the program. I went to uninstall SkinGen and it gave an error saying that it was in use. When I opened my Windows Task Manager, it shows that CC3 is still running, but the program is not open on my desktop. It is using about 12%-13% of my CPU without actually being open on my desktop. I clicked "End Task" and tried to again to uninstall SkinGen. I was able to uninstall it and open CC3 with no issues.

Not sure if this helps, but when I open CC3 after uninstalling SkinGen, a popup window states that I have unsaved project data, even though the SkinGen error occurs right at opening CC3 and I am unable to create a project.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byTranshumanistFuture
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Hi Calvin!

Thanks for getting back to me. I didn't launch it with any other software open. Before contacting you, I did everything I could think of to fix it such as cleanup/defrag, reboot, etc. Like I mentioned, I didn't receive this error when I first downloaded SkinGen. I had used CC3 several times without using the SkinGen tools with no issue. I recall seeing a prompt for updates, so I updated everything. Then I started receiving the error. CC3 works just fine so long as I have the SkinGen tools disabled. Unfortunately, I have no other computer I can try it out on.
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Hi kim.forsythe127,

Thanks for your feedback!
This message should happen when graphic card didn't response well.
Did CC3 launched with any other software? Like Chrome or 3D pipeline software such as Maya/3dsMax?
Also, I've noticed your PC didn't have independent display card, could you try other PC to see if CC work?
Thanks for your help!

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