Character Creator 3
Issue 7586
Rootbone origin position shifts - Issues in other software after export
1.Load any standard character in CC3
2. See the rootbone gizmo placed between feet at level with sole of feet
3. Click "Adjust bone"
4. Character is shifted upwards but Rootbone position stays on ground so character hoovers in the air.
5. Exit "Adjust bone"

6. Export character as FBX for Unreal engine, ( all other settings do not matter)

After watching the video that is linked below and you still doesn't understand what the issue is, to test this issue you need to download and use the trial version of the Nukeygara software, Akeytsu


7. After install, open the software
8. Click on the dragonfly icon in the upper left corner of the mainscreen ( dismiss the infoscreen that pops up on first start)
8. Select "Import FBX"
9. Import the Character from CC3.
10. In the lower left corner of the main screen, click the icon and in the dialogue that pops up, select the menuitem that looks like a "dog bone" and the skeleton should be visible

(Keys "1" and "2" on your physical keyboard switch between orthographic and Perspective view, Left mouse button rotate view, MMbutton drags screen, Scrollwheel zoom )

Note: If selecting Orthographics view by pressing "2" you may need to do step 10 again to view the skeleton

11. In menu "Char bank", upper left hand side of the window , click "Bind pose"
12 The character starts to hoovers exactly as in CC3 when using "Adjust bone"
13. In menu "Char bank", Clicking on "Ref Pose" again levels the character with the rootbone

To be able to attach the footcontroller for the IK in Akeytsu, the character needs to be in "Bind pose" and the rootbone need to be at the same position as when posing, when the character / rootbone shifts it's not possible to attach the footcontroller

See the attached video for a clear view of what is happening.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bydoubblesixx
After support from Rampa regarding Support TicketID : 194628

I have exported a CC3 Game ready character and this works perfectly fine except some IK bones need to be re-adjusted

The issue reported is only concerning CC3+ characters with full bone set.