iClone 7
Released in 7.02
Issue 3453
Restore no longer works for iClone 7
When restarting iClone after a crash, the user is asked if the project should be restored. If the user confirms restoring the project, iClone immediately responds with "Restore failed".

This has been reported by several users in this thread: .

Steps to repeat are simple:

1. Load a project that is bound to crash iClone.

2. Restart iClone and confirm restoring the project.

3. iClone returns with "Restore failed" and then opens normally.

Desired behavior: iClone will restore the opened project.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byanimagic
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Hi, I have a problem with iClone 7 while half-way rendering stops, and I have a powerful pc a 7-bit with 16 gb of ramm gddr3 video card geforce gt 740 2 gb dedicated direcx 12, with iclone 6 it's all fine but with 7 iclone from this problem I do not understand how to fix it
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Same here. Never had an issue in iclone 6... It saved me so much time. 

An AUTOSAVEFUNCTION (would be very Nice perhaps with configurable Time for e.g save every X Min)

or the fix off the well loved restorefunction like under IC6 would be SUBPERP....and a MUST HAVE :-) 
+1 hope to see a fix soon 
I to have this issue and rendering crash issues my rendering stop half way and iclone crashes
I have this issue too. And it doesn't even depend on the project.
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