Character Creator 4
Released in 4.4
Issue 10669
Restore Fails, creates a restore file that is 456 kb in size
Crashes are common with large project sizes, usually relating to loading larger textures with displacement or physics. In this particular case I was using 8k textures on a character that doesn't yet have bones and visually inspecting the realism with Iray.

My computer has 128 GB Host Ram, AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 16-Core and RTX 4090 loading the program and files from two fairly empty 4TB M.2 Drives.

This is a fresh installation of CC4. With all the power, latest Nvidia Studio Driver (536.40), I don't understand how CC4 could miss a function like creating a restore file.

The most recent steps I took to cause this crash was update a model for Iray.
OS: Windows 11
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Submitted byAscensi
I've noticed the same. Fortunately, Restore works OK for iClone 8.
I've mentioned this years back that the last undo state needs to be saved and Reallusion had fixed this for a long time. Perhaps CC4 fails to compile the project into a solid file. If this is to do with database errors, I think on the landing page of the feedback tracker, it should have tools available to users ie; bat file to reset CC4/iC8 etc.