iClone 8
Issue 11367
Request to Allow Optional Stereo Audio Support for Playback- It helps to align content & Character to match 3D Positional Audio using Binaural Audio Source
Please add Stereo Audio support at least, it's a normal function in all major DCC products, I hope you can make an optional checkbox for playback because sound/music is a huge guiding source for creativity.

1. It helps bring out the creator's vision
2. Help as a reference to match up animation with 3D positional audio (emulated) to make it immersive. Binaural Audio can emulate surround sound mixes and when you hear this kind of audio, spatially you can align content more approximated.

In the future for film professionals, you could add a multichannel mixdown to Binaural option.

I would have loved to have positional audio/multi-Channel support (not multitrack) within iC8 but I understand that it could lead to slower performance with high resolutions, or many channels of audio and dramatically increase the file size.
but on the most basic level, it could be emulated in playback and if the source was originally multi-channel, it could still be exported with the render with a file reference to the full multichannel file to be embedded with the video output.
OS: Windows 11
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Submitted byAscensi