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Issue 4001
Render options do not work properly
Hi team!

I can't change the colours (render settings) of any ctprops that are created by dragging in popvideos, mp4s or avis - even though this feature works properly with all of these imported files as props in iClone.

A little background:
You know me better from the 3D side of things, after my highly popular tutorials on "Curve Editor Fun" and Toonshading "Archer Style"... but now that I'm using CTA3 more and more in conjunction with iClone, and starting to sell animated assets for CTA3, I've noticed a few things that would be fantastic if they could work in CTA3, the same as they do in iClone... and this would also help make the process of learning both programs much easier, while also expanding what we can do in CTA3. eg:

In iClone, we can control drag a popvideo, mp4 or avi (of anything) into our projects, and then adjust the colours by using the sliders for hue/saturation/brightness/saturation etc... which is a feature I use nearly every day in 3D. I would also use it every day in CTA3 if it was working. eg:

* red fire could become magic green or purple fire...
* normal grey animated fog could look a lot eerier if we could change it on a slider to red or teal.
* animated hair could be any colour or shade

... and best of all, it if worked, then an animated blue cartoon car, could become any other colour and fill a whole street without looking like the same vehicle, just by resizing some of them a little and shifting their aerials and other accessories around a bit.

But in CTA, this feature is not yet working for this type of ctprop...

So if it is possible, can you please, please, please, "fix" or switch on this aspect of this terrific feature of render settings please..?
OS: Windows 8.1
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Submitted byTarampa Studios
Feedback Tracker Admin
Thank you for your feedback.

Currently the mentioned objects can not use Render Style, we will consider this issue as a suggestion.

Totally gets my vote :)
Wow - you can do that in iClone? Shame it's only for PC users - I'd lay down my dosh for that.