Character Creator 3
Released in 3.4
Issue 7337
Reloading project has clothes geometry completely broken. Loading the Custom Content files the same
I reloaded a project I was working on yesterday and the Jacket and Trousers are completely 'broken' (geometry is all over the place). Looks to me like the vertex order has changed and the morphs and skin weights are now incorrect.

These Cloth items are ones I customised from my library and have saved as Custom Content. I've used them from my custom content quite a few times before, without any problems.
It appears that the problem isn't just with this project (i.e. it isn't just a corrupted project file). If I start a new project and import these items afresh, I get a 'Failed to load file' error. The items do appear but they're 'broken' just as they are in the broken project and they don't appear listed in the Scene hierarchy.

Not all of my custom items have started to do this, only 4 I've found so far have this problem, but I'm worried that the others will also start to become broken. The original library items which they're derived from appear to be fine and can be used without any problem. (They come from a variety of packs like Essential Clothing and Professional Outfits)
The 'master' character from which these custom items were created does load ok but even if I recreate a custom library item from that project, the issue persists

I've zipped together two of the four problematic items of clothing (.ccCloth files): (134MB)

Can you help?
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byjerome.dipietro
Also seeing this
If you have not reinstalled the pack since it was purchased, go ahead and reinstall the Essential Clothing pack.
I can confirm this problem. I don't have a vote to spare unfortunately.