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Reallusion HUB appearing in OS X Menu Bar is the primary reason I'm uninstalling this product and will not purchase
I was considering purchasing your product even though it doesn't do what I want 100% because it's kind of neat anyhow - the problem is it feels like it's made my computer less stable and one of the things that stands out to me about this software doing the wrong thing is the presence of "Reallusion HUB" in my Mac's menu bar, running as a daemon/service in the background of my app, keeping some horrid GUI running that looks like a generic Java app that looks to be some DRM management for you guys and offering the lame benefit to the user of an app launcher (NEWSFLASH: Pretty much all OS's can launch files without your abstraction on top of it).

This is simply unacceptable, you don't get to do that on machine so I can create silly animations. I certainly don't want to pay for software that feels like it mucks with machine for no reason. If there's a distribution method that doesn't have this idiotic "Reallusion HUB" baked in to my OS or crap running in the background when I haven't opened the app I might consider purchasing the software, and if that's the case keep me posted.

From a feature perspective, it's pretty much what I'm looking for with one exception - being able to process/render in real time, although perhaps I just haven't figured that out. Still I am going to attempt a thorough uninstall rather than play with this anymore... It was fun, but I can't compromise my computer for that.

Even If I had a license for this I'd guess it's one of those circumstances where I might rather run a pirated copy due to terrible UX around DRM with no benefit to me. I have no choice but to try to wipe everything you guys put on my computer and it's all because I went down your trial path considering entering the purchase flow.
OS: Mac OS 10.13
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Thank you for your feedback.

The Reallusion Hub will provide more product information and product updates, it hooked on the menu bar only to provide a convenient way for user to launch it. If you doesn't think it's a good place to put it, you can remove the Reallusion Hub as well. Remove the Hub will not affect the usage of the product itself.