Character Creator 3
Issue 5556
Real dimensions
The dimensions of the morphs are in a special unit (-100/100, 0/100) that can change. It's almost abstract, and depends of the decision from the guy who did the morph. 0-100 could mean 0-3cm or 0-2m.

Plus, many morphs are similar or can interact with other morphs. For example, you have a morph for general height of the body, but you can change the length of the leg, or even change the length of the shin. The adjustment of the shin having an influence to the general height.

But it's not really useful, especially when you make many model for you game, and you need a continuity between them, when you want a cohesive whole. For example you make 2 models. One si short, the other is tall. But too tall at the end. You want to change that, but it's not easy: changing the general height brake the other proportions, and if you change general size in order to keep the proportions, your tall guy has now small head and hands, and it's ugly. Adjusting can be very tricky and tedious.

So, it would be VERY useful to have real dimensions, especially when you try to mimic real persons, or trying to have precise proportions for your game (because... reasons).

So instead of:
> Height = -100 / 0 / 100
> Leg length = -100 / 0 / 100
> Shin length = -100 / 0 / 100

We could have:
> Height = -1m / 1m70 / +1m
> Leg length = -50cm / 0 / +50cm
> Shin length = -30cm / 0 / +30cm

In this case, I can be sure of the height of my character (I just have to add/subtract values, pretty easy). It would be so useful to figure the proportions, especially when you start a new model, for general proportions.
But I do know that it's not as easy as I write. Because if I have a very high height, the morph for "leg length" would change, it would become "-80cm / 0 / +80cm" or something. So it's not a feature easy to add.

Maybe the engine could calculate general proportions in real time and show them somewhere, so the user could check quickly the dimensions he needs? Adding the possibility to add agents for this task, with 2 clicks (start point /end point -> new agent) ?
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