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Issue 3617
Radial vertex movement by Morph Animator
Morph Creator/Animator is a great tool, which can be used not only to deform the mesh but simply move and/or rotate props.
With morphs you would have more control over props as oppose to baked perform actions or key-frame animation
simply because 3-rd party apps (where morph are created) have more precise tools for that.
This is especially true for the complex props hierarchy when precision is required, or even for deforming a mesh with radial movement.

So in addition to moving vertices linearly from one point to another, it would be nice if Morph Animator be able to rotate them in addition,
clockwise or counter clockwise... say around given pivot point? This would open a door for a whole lot of new possibilities.

Here is what I mean (see the video: ). The gold box is moving just fine, while silver box is getting deformed in rotation because of the linear vertex movement. Silver box vertices need to be rotated!
I can sure animate it without morphs, but the morphs are easier to use and once done no need to think about distance, angle... etc.
Invaluable in more complex scenarios.

We can move and rotate props. Why not rotate morphs? Thanks!
OS: Windows 7
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Submitted by4u2ges