Character Creator 4
Issue 10979
Purchassed content not appearing in smart gallery
I purchased the full smart hair pack yesterday, and I still cannot access it in the smart gallery.
I'm logged with the same account, the 3 smart hairs pack appear in browser, but nowhere in the cc4 gallery:
not in purchased items, not in new purchased, not in hair folder, not in recent downloads.

I did manually download the .RLD files from the account in browser, and installed them all 3. it didn't change and still not in smart gallery.

I also have pressed refresh in these folder.
I also tried restarting CC4.
I've read all the documentation and video that are there in the purchasse email, no info seems to explain what I should do to access the content.

I think last time I tried purchasing content on actorcore last year, I struggled like crazy too to simply access it.

Adding screenshots here.

Thanks for any help
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byanimaliok
Hi Molly, so this was an error on Reallusion website, the "Hair patches" product was opening the "prime hairstyle" page. So people like me where lead to believe they were purchasing the prime hairstyle, and inf act they received the patches.
I asked for a refund since then and the link was corrected.
But, that's still extremly confusing, in the product detail gallery for the 3 smart hairs pack, you see very well organised haircuts, and then in CC4 the names doesn't match, nothing is sorted, it's hard to tell if that's the same pack or not:

WAIT, I think the gallery you display, this one:
Is actually not what we get when we purchasse it, like if you attached the wrong gallery of another product.
It's the gallery for the PRIME HAIRSTYLE, and we get the HAIR PATCHES..... so instead of the 10 full hairstyles that are advertised, what we can download is actually just a few hair patches...
That cannot be right..
Attaching what I got acces to when purchassing these prime hairstyle:

So Basically what I bought was that, 10 prime hairstyles, and I did not recieve it, only hair patches that have nothing to do with the item content gallery of the prime hairstyle product.

OW yes that's totally a bug on your store, when we click on hair patches, we open the prime hairstyle gallery.
So I either want to be refunded or to get what is currently advertised: the prime hairstyle pack. not the hair patch pack that I NEVER SEEN BEFORE as it's the prime hairstyle page that is popping up when we click on hair patch at the bottom of this page:
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Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi animaliok,

I'm very sorry for missing your ticket.Your pack is Hair Patches,not Prime Hairstyles in you picture.I downlod Prime Hairstyles pack and get 10 hairstyle.Can you download Prime Hairstyles pack again?

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Ok, damn, it finally somehow appeared in PACK, not item.
Probably after I manually installed them down downloading them in the account in browser, or from restarting CC4, but I definitely checked PACK at some point as I knew not everything was in ITEM.
Arf anyway, maybe it should be written somewhere, because this doesn't appear in any of the documentation or videos, switching the active tab from ITEM to PACK.