Cartoon Animator 4
Issue 6852
Prop Path Follow & Conform to node Size
I'd like to see an option whereby you can create a spline with nodes you click to add that changes a prop's scale. You would attach the prop to the spline and the object slides along it taking on the shape of the spline and the scale values of each added node.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byAscensi
*make a river spline, enlarge the node at one and and make the top smaller.  

Maybe individual Nodes could be made act as masks to allow or prevent other layers/props from overlapping.
The spline could be set to make the prop distort to the spline curvature or set to make props follow the spline with no distortion (simple follow)
Some ideas how it could be used

* a wind spline path  to attach leaves so they blow across the screen that does a loop in the middle  and the artists is able to increase the size  in the middle area
*a vertical spline path with multiple nodes - objects or characters fall through a laboratory tube
*If the character or object isn't meant to follow the spline, maybe the spline can move to distort the character or objects producing heatwave looking effects.
*Fast creation ocean wave animation -multiple objects could be attached to the same spline but set to different keyframes for independent speeds
*The top down  look effect of walking down or up a spiral staircase 

This could be a fast template system if splines could be saved and very easy implementation for new animators to make content.
Multiple Splines could optionally be attached to each other