Character Creator 4
Issue 10709
Prompt to save when closing the application triggers "Save as..." instead of "Save"
If you try to close CC4 while there are unsaved changes in your project, you'll encounter the following dialog:

The current project will be discarded. Would you like to save? Cancel &Yes &No

If you choose "Yes", then instead of saving the current project, it will open the Save As dialog. This would be a reasonable action if I was working in an unsaved project. But this occurs with an existing project opened. The appropriate action is that the current project should be Saved, just as if I had chosen "File -> Save Project" before closing. Displaying the Save As dialog is initially confusing, and ultimately annoying, given that the initial directory it prompts you to save into isn't even the directory containing the current project. (It appears to be the last directory you Save As'd into, in any project.)
OS: Windows 11
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Submitted bydan.goyette