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Issue 5576
Project is saved but file name still has a star (e.g., test.iProject*) [Beta 6 - Jan 9, 2019]
When I try to save a project, the file name in the title bar remains appended with a star, e.g., test.iProject*.

When checking in Windows Explorer, I find that the file has actually been saved, so it seems that it is just the indicator that is not functioning.

Sometimes the star disappears after several save attempts but not always.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byanimagic
Agreed, it seems to occur more likely with larger projects, but it does occur. Reproducing it reliably is the problem. I would appreciate if RL kept this open and possibly move it to the regular iClone 7 category, as there are incidental reports on the main forum.
It is impossible to replicate and is has happened to me many times since general iClone v7 release. I just never reported it.

Mostly on large project and when I'm working with them for a few hours. Next time it happens, I will make a video :)
Hi Soya,

It happened to me with a project I was working on. 

I made changes, which give me the asterisk.  I then saved the project, but the asterisk remained, even after trying to save several times.

I tried to recreate the issue with a new project, but I couldn't. So it may be a random.
Hi animagic,

The file name will show a asterisk mark when there have been changes made in the Project.

The asterisk mark will not show when:
1. New project
2. Open any project
3. Save the current project

If you save the project, and make some changes to the scene, the asterisk mark will show again.
Assuming no such situation, can you provide the detailed steps to help us reproduce the issue? Thank you very much.

This actually happens to me once in a while since iClone 7. Worse yet, sometimes it does not actually save the project. I lost some work because of that.
Could not figure out the pattern nor the cause.