Character Creator 3
Issue 7755
Problems with Smart Gallery
"Please read the "HowTo.txt" in the .zip before updating."

First of all there is no "HowTo.txt" file to read in the zip.

"The hotfix install flow should be:
DONE- 1. Switch the Smart Gallery to Online mode.
DONE- 2. Close program
TRIED- 3. Run the Hotfix .bat

Ran 1.13HotFix_CC340.bat as administrator, this is what I got:

C:\WINDOWS\system32>set HOST="localhost"

C:\WINDOWS\system32>set PORT=11810

C:\WINDOWS\system32>set USERNAME= "reallusion"

C:\WINDOWS\system32>set DBNAME="cc3"

C:\WINDOWS\system32>set POSTGRES_BIN="C:\Program Files\Common Files\Reallusion\PostgreSQL\bin"

C:\WINDOWS\system32>"C:\Program Files\Common Files\Reallusion\PostgreSQL\bin"\pg_ctl.exe -o "-p 11810" start -D C:\ProgramData\Reallusion\CMS
pg_ctl: another server might be running; trying to start server anyway
waiting for server to start....2021-03-29 13:55:43.409 PDT [12148] FATAL: lock file "" already exists
2021-03-29 13:55:43.409 PDT [12148] HINT: Is another postmaster (PID 1324) running in data directory "C:/ProgramData/Reallusion/CMS"?
stopped waiting
pg_ctl: could not start server
Examine the log output.

C:\WINDOWS\system32>"C:\Program Files\Common Files\Reallusion\PostgreSQL\bin"\psql.exe -h "localhost" -p 11810 -U "reallusion" -d "cc3" -q -f "C:\WINDOWS\system32\recover_CC.sql"
C:/WINDOWS/system32/recover_CC.sql: No such file or directory

C:\WINDOWS\system32>move "C:\ProgramData\Reallusion\ContentManager\ExternalBatchSync\Character Creator\340\RemoveCidList.txt" "C:\ProgramData\Reallusion\ContentManager\ExternalBatchSync\Character Creator"
The system cannot find the file specified.

C:\WINDOWS\system32>call ".\OnlineCC.bat"
'".\OnlineCC.bat"' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

Press any key to continue . . .

"4. Open the program and click Refresh manually."

Tried this anyways but still no different results.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bySnarp Farkle
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi Snarp Farkle

Thanks for your feedback.

We found there's a missing reminder in "HowTo.txt"
After you follow all step, run the hotfix and open program and click Refresh, after all of these: 
* Don't click "Free" item in "Content" panel
* If you've click them and issue happened again, please run hotfix again.

1. Please check "Update" node in Smart Gallery panel.
2. You'll find some pack with a green circle icon on the pack.
3. Please double click those pack, update prompt will popup, you can check the update info about the pack.
4. Then click "Update" button, program will download these items.
5. After process finish, into pack to check if it works for you.

Sorry for the bad experience and thanks for your patience.
Please feel free to contact us if issue still exists
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi Snarp Farkle,

Sorry. The HowTo.txt file was accidentally overwritten internally. Now the file has been recovered. Thank you for your reminder.