iClone 7
Issue 6450
Please optimize digital shaders texture and embed it by default.
It is very disappointing that with digital shaders texture you went back to the way texture was linked in iCone 6.

Most of the files there in "Digital_Human_Shader_Resource\CC3" folder are not optimized at all and as is, cannot be embedded since it would result in overgrown project size and wasted disk space as well as addition constrain on GPU.

Just couple of examples:
Micro normal map is 64 bit PNG and it is 24 Mb is size! It can be easily converted into JPEG file with 1Mb in size without any quality loss.
You have some overblown TGA and other PNG files, which can also be down converted and optimized.

Please also see the thread:
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted by4u2ges
I still insist for you guys to go through the texture and optimise it. I just exported one character out of CC to OBJ and got a whooping 255 MB folder.
There are like 6 64 bit Micro-normal maps. Why do they have to be 64 bit? It is a waste of disk space.

32 bit would be sufficient enough (cutting the size 3 times). And even in some cases non-essential areas like a tongue can have JPEG format (10 times smaller)

And I have no idea why nails have the same micro-normal texture as skin?

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I do not want to start a discussion here. But I disagree on both counts. 24 MB/64 bit  normal map for 2K image is a total waste of disk space. 
Embedding is also a must, but only after texture optimization. Otherwise, selling DH enabled props/avatars on the marketplace would be problematic.
Allow me to disagree with that suggestion.

Reducing a normal map from png to jpeg result in loss of information, normal maps need maximum definition to be properly used and rendered without artefacts (and aliasing issues). Ideally, normal maps should be at least 16-bit texture file formats. Your exemple (from the mentioned thread) of compressing the normal map is not relevant because even if you see little difference (albeit there are differences) in the image itself what counts is not what you see in the normal map image but the result of the rendering with that normal map. Poor normal map files result in very visible artefacts and aliasing issues at render time.

Embedding textures by default would be a huge mistake as it would result in huge wasted disk space because 10 projects using the same textures would waste ten times the disk space (through the project file size) instead of having 10 projects linked to the SAME textures on drive. Plus projects that only have linked textures load faster.

Optimization shouldn't go against quality nor efficiency.