iClone 7
Issue 5480
Please link iClone and Iray materials in UI, implement "Sort" option and more...
There are a few issues with Iray and iClone materials list boxes, which in my view need fixing.

1. Materials list should be made sort-able (same as iClone materials)

2. It is not possible to go through Iray materials list with Up/Down keyboard arrows. If I have 20 materials in the list and wish to quickly check the value of Emissive Multiplier, for instance, in each material, I have to scroll/click 20 times up/down with mouse/scroll bar.
Instead I should be able to select the very first material and then use Arrow down key to quickly go through the list.

3. There should be a link between iClone and Iray materials in UI. It is very hard to work with multiple materials, while going back and force between iClone and Iray materials list.
Selecting one particular material in iClone materials list should bare the same material selection while switching to Iray materials list and vice versa.

4. Finally the iClone materials list should have a scroll bar appear with more than 20 materials in the list (the same as in Iray materials list).
If an object has 40 materials, the whole list would be stretched and take up all available screen height, making it quite hard to see the texture settings for each material for instance. Constant scrolling up and down would require.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted by4u2ges