Character Creator 3
Issue 7172
Please add a "skin-to-morph" projector just like Headshot aims to do or add displacement gen option. Wrinkles, tendons skin, scars and veins really need to pop out or in
Looking at Characters close up isn't as realistic as I thought.. it does look at a distance. I hope that you can integrate a skin-to-morph" projection component to help with bigger deformities like neck veins or tendons and or the ability to generate the displacement textures from the normal and micro normal combined but really should not be another plugin to purchase.

The displacement option should exist after all it is common for the higher "realistic" materials.

This morph from photo or displacement gen option would be in high demand for bigger creatures or just extreme detail.

I've recently requested for the upcoming SkinGen Premium webinar to go over how to create displacement maps. If you didn't add it because adding displacement to all parts causes cracks between the UVs then turn on the "smooth mesh by displacement" L1 option The character may not have enough base resolution in order for tessellation to work properly so using smooth mesh by disp helps resolve this. If you don't have it added or even if it's hidden somewhere you could add an automatic option that turns on smooth mesh if someone generates/bakes the displacement.
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