Character Creator 4
Issue 9322
Please Don't Rename Blendshape Channels

I upgraded from Character Creator 3 to 4 and noticed the blend shape channels were renamed in CC4, which can really screw up a pipeline. Please, please, please don't change the names of your blend shape channels.

I now have to spend hours trying to find the channels that once were and update my pipeline tool accordingly. This is a very expensive problem.

Please don't change the name of your blend shape channels.

Thank you.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bydeleon8t4
Zack .
OP is somewhat correct, the names such as "A01_Jaw_Open" do not correspond correctly to ARKit shape keys nomenclature. It must be simply "jawOpen", otherwise they cannot be correctly identified by certain captures. It is not, however, an expensive problem to fix. It does take an hour to correct it, though, and this was after another hour and half identifying this and learning how to correct the problem. But the bottom is there shouldn't be this problem.
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Hi deleon8t4 

Thanks for your feedback.
Could you please provide the character which is renamed and tell us what string is renamed?
Besides, due to CC is not allow the same data name, so if there's same blend shape name then serial number will be added.
Please upload the character or project to Google drive or other net drive and post download link in your next comment, please feel free to set is as private comment if you want.

Thanks for your patient.