iClone 7
Issue 6883
Persona Move Command Defect
Found an interesting bug. I know the Persona move command is not really used anymore, but a few users still use it. There is a bug that showed up several versions ago, I think.

When an avatar is given a move command and then walks to and along a path, there is some unusual snapping to the left and right during the move. First when the avatar joins the path, and then slightly into the path there is a much faster snap to one side before going back to normal.

The distance the character moves before joining the path effects the first side-turning, but the second is always the same, and seems to be in the same place. 

Here is a video I have made that shows the issue.

Add three avatars to scene.
Apply "Chuck " Persona to each.
Create walk paths in front of two avatars. One path further from the avatar. Third avatar is a test, so no path.
Apply move command to first avatar and click on path in front of it.
Repeat for second avatar.
Repeat for third avatar, but just click on grid to walk forward. (this is just for control, to show the problem is only with a path)
OS: Windows 10
Duplicate Issue:   Problem with 'Walk along a Path'
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