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Path does crazy wandering at the beginning then works properly.
I am posting here at the suggestion of Rampa after posting this problem in the forum.

I created a path to walk my character through a labyrinth. It was created all at once with me placing points in the correct order from beginning (Red outside labyrinth) to end (Blue center of labyrinth). All of the points on the timeline for the character and the path say Default, except for the first point for the character (frame 1) which says Linear. I didn't change anything or try working with the curve editor.

I have not added walking animation yet, the character is just in a T pose.

At the Start (Red point) My character does a wobbly spinning dance then proceeds on. [This has gotten better. I don't know what I did to improve this] I moved the start point off of the screen to avoid it showing, but a fix would be better. I tried moving her around a bit in relation to the beginning point, but I had no success in making a smooth start. At the end (Blue point) the character also wobbles a bit.

The worst part is that the first 9 points have arcing movements which I did not intentionally create. The whole labyrinth should look the same as from point 10 to the end (Blue). All of the points are on the ground and level with each other and the labyrinth itself is flat.

When I created this video for you, I made the first part longer than the rest so that you could see the wandering better.

So, why does the path do the funny looping swirling thing, how can I fix it, and when I go to edit points the path disappears so I can't really tell what is happening anyway.

Thank you!
OS: Windows 10
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Hi AncientWire,

Can you tell us the result?

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Hi AncientWire,

The start and end of the path is curved.Please delete the start and end,add point again,when you add point,press"Shift",the path will be line.Please let me know if it solve your problem,Thank you.

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