iClone 7
Issue 5430
Path Tool - option to retain current position/coordinates of object/avatar once released from the path
PATH tool

Please add an option for the object/avatar to remain in position when released from a path.
At the moment, as soon as you release an object/avatar part way along or at the end of a path, it jumps back to the beginning of the path. There doesn't seem to be an option to prevent this. iClone ignores any transform keys.

I have received some helpful suggestions from fellow iClone users in regards to workarounds (ie link a dummy prop to the path and then attach the object/avatar to this object), but surely we shouldn't have to resort to band-aid fixes ? There should be an option simply for the object to remain in place when released from the path ?

I tend to do everything to avoid using PATH because it isn't very friendly to use in this regard.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byDarren01
Laugh Atlantic
I get around this by having two versions of the same  prop. 
one moves along the path then becomes invisible
the second becomes visible at the same point as the first disappears.

However it would be great if this was fixed. Why would anyone want the object to return to the start of the path ?
This does rather deter me from using paths.
I've been attaching my avatar to a dummy as has been suggested to me, which is a work around to the problem.
But the avatar doesn't behave the same walking when attached to the dummy, especially over uneven surfaces.

Definitely need an option that allows the prop/avatar to remain at the current path position when it is released from the path. I'm surprised this is still ongoing without a fix from RL
Adding to this issue, why is it that I can not use the "co-locate" button when I pick a path to a prop. This button is disabled?? Iclone should allow the user to move the path to the coordinated of any prop. Please fix this...
Yes I agree. This is really quite an urgent fix, it makes no sense for an object to go back to the beginning of a path you’ve released it from. I will use the dummy work around for now but not a final solution IMHO.
Yesss! And we need alignment fest point of path with the avatar position!