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Issue 8364
Outline for facial zones - Better artistic control
I have tried to use the Headshot plugin many times but mostly get so annoyed i close the gui after an hour of making only a very bland result
I find this tool not utilizing the full potential and makes it a timeconsuming mess to work with

I'd like to propose some changes to the GUI that would make perfect sense, be 100% more controllable and easy to use

1. Today you have white or dark overlays over the zones that cover the photograph, setting this more transparent makes it even harder to deduce what is changing and this makes it harder to see what is changing so knowing where the boundaries are adds a ton of back and forth of undo'ing many steps, pulling the transparency range tool up and down.. This can not be an artist coming up with this idea

SUGGESTION: Use an outline for each zone instead of filled color so this could still always be more or less visible while tweaking as it wouldn't get in the way and make the outlines transparency configurable + using selectable color that could be a few nuances away from the skintone.. This would give it more of a subconcious approach ( i.e skincolor v.s contrast)

and PLEASE!. Let these outlines be visible all the time, hiding zones, colored or outlined while editing is not helping.

2. SUGGESTION: Make sideview image an option to calculate from to give a better start on head form
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bydoubblesixx