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Issue 8311
Options to Consider for CC4's Crowd Generation Tool
I am looking to generate a large toon-style crowd for an action/adventure/fantasy animation project that I am currently working on in my free time. For that purpose, I have been designing a suite, if you will, of stylized stock characters of diverse sizes, shapes, and ethnicities who will serve as the basis of this crowd effect.

In order to make this crowd look really convincing, though, I need to be able to combine, randomize, and selectively mix-and-match the stock characters' features, and then generate multiple variations of the stock characters at once through the use of procedural production techniques. I've seen such a randomize button used a lot in video games that offers custom character creation as a gameplay feature.

That is why I think that it would be really helpful, if it has not already been considered already, if a couple of parameters were introduced that could give artists the capability of either generating a character at random or selecting a narrow group of characters from CC's character library that CC could then draw from to procedurally generate completely new variations of certain characters, such as the stock characters that I am designing for my project. From there the artists could save the variations as brand new characters that can be re-used for new projects down the road. This way the artists wouldn't have to do a lot of additional work to make the character models that they might have downloaded from outside sources to match the visual style that they have established for their projects too.
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