iClone 7
Released in 7.92
Issue 7778
Option to restore after crash gone?
So I've noticed--and apparently some others have to--that neither iClone 7.9 (or CC3.4) offer to restore a file after a crash. It's happened to me on multiple files, some big and complex, some just one character and no props, and it's not offered once since the update. Because it's happened so many times, there's no one file to attach. iClone and CC3 are crashing a lot since the update but I'm pretty sure that's my system not your software.

On restore, I loved that feature--it was, as Mike Kelley said--very robust. I hope it's fixable.

Thank you!
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted by3DChick
I also found that it intermittently works and then not. Same is actually true for CC3 (latest). This has been broken for a few versions.
Almost forgot--yes, I updated to 7.91 the other day, so that didn't fix it. 
I am so sorry I missed this--I forget how wonderfully quick you all are at responding. In answer to your questions: 

1) The Undo times are set to the default 100.
2) I do have a temp folder--iClone and CC3 are installed on my D drive, and my temp folder is D:\REALLUSION\temp. I'm attaching a screenshot of what that folder contains. I was working on a scene in iClone last night, and it crashed, and there was no offer to restore (although I only lost a little because I'm constantly saving now).
3) I don't think I've ever seen Undo Fail DLG--if so, I had no idea what it was or means, but it doesn't ring any bells.

If you want the file I was working on last night, I'm happy to attach it, although, like I said, it's happened with almost everything in CC3 or iClone for several weeks, and I think the crashes themselves are due to my old, sad, overworked, and over-full computer. 

Thank you so much for looking into this!
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Hi nelm2010,

We need you to check something:
1. How much times did you set Undo Times?
-- Please open Preference Panel with Ctrl + P button,check how much is Undo Times in System section?
2. Did your temp folder exist?
-- You also can find temp folder path in System section of Preference Panel
3. Did you see Undo fail DLG before iClone crash?