iClone 6
Released in 7.4
Issue 454
Open iClone to User Customization Through Scripting and SDK

There is a need to open iClone to user customizations, not only on the assets side, which Reallusion already provides, but also on the functionalities side. This needed for hobbyists to ease the pain of doing certain repetitive tasks, this is mandatory for professionals for them to be able to build efficient production pipelines.

The added benefit of this is that a lot of users requests could be addressed by some other users by creating custom scripts and plugins, so users could help each others like this is happening on the asset level. This would strengthen even more the iClone community.

The industry standard being Python, I suggest iClone should implement a Python scripting engine. Ideally there would also be a C/C++ SDK for more hard-core and optimized features customization.

Thanks for your attention.

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Thank you all for this great suggestion!
We have opened iClone with Python API for Plug-in development in iClone v7.4.

Check the details here and start to build plug-ins of your own.

Just want to add my voice! I asked for this 6 years ago on a forum ( I'm glad, that RL made great progress since then, really great tooling and all. But without scripting, I need to click with mouse hours and hours, and I don't have nerves for that anymore :)
PLEASE DO!!!  As a user of other 3d modeling / animation packages with scripting capabilities (via python), I purchased iClone 7 to see if this is something I'd want to invest in long-term with a small team.  Scripting facilities in a familiar language such as c++ or python would be wicked awesome...  I'm new to iClone, and the software so far has me very interested, but for me to make a long-term investment I definitely would need the ability to customize & automate my tooling programmatically...
I'm all for scripting. For many years I worked as a model maker/scripter for the military simulator VBS 1 then VBS 2. On aircraft models in particular, certain functions were added to the compiled model. These functions included rotating propellors, working undercarriages/wheels/canopies/flaps/ailerons etc. It would be great to be able to assign these functions to each model with keys so that Iclone users could manipulate the model in real time. If pitch/yaw/roll can be assigned to keys/joystick/mouse realism of flight could be obtained quickly.
Adding keyboard driven functions to other vehicles/objects would assist in making movies in Iclone a lot more fun :)
I will add my voice to this as well. Scripting is already there in the form of Lua, but you've kept the community from it for far too long. I believe the reason given was that you didn't want to complicate development, but I point out that all of the other 3D animation programs that have it have not gotten bogged down by it. Opening up the development environment will make it easier to advance iClone's development because you will have access to the talents of other programmers who can concentrate on features the user community wants without taking a chunk out of your main development efforts. Plus we really want to be able to expand iClone's capabilities.
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