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Open Source Render Engine for iclone

Reposting from the forum at Peter's suggestion.

Wicked Engine is an open source real time ray tracing game engine that also allows using their code for the render engine only, to be used in other software
the github -

The more i look into this project the more I see it as a really good match for an alternate Iclone main render engine - it's actively being developed now, and it also seems to fall inline with how iclone already works. - it might be cool for the RL team jump in and add their 2 cents for a custom version for iclone!

it has an extensive list of features

DirectX 11 renderer
DirectX 12 renderer
Vulkan renderer
Image rendering
Font rendering (True Type)
Networking (UDP)
[removed since 0.21] Blender-exporter: 3D meshes,objects,armatures,animation,materials,lights,hitspheres,wind,world info,dynamic cameras,ribbon trails,particle systems
3D mesh rendering
Skeletal animation
Morph target animation
Physically based materials
Animated texturing
Normal mapping
Displacement mapping
Parallax occlusion mapping
Real time planar reflections
Cube map reflections (static and real time)
Refractions (screen space, blurred)
Interactive Water
Gaussian Blur
Edge outline
Motion Blur
Lens Flare
Light shafts
Bokeh Depth of Field
Chromatic aberration
Multithreaded rendering
Tessellation (silhouette smoothing, displacement mapping)
GPU-based particles (emit from point, mesh, animated mesh)
Soft particles
Hair particle systems (grass/vegetation)
Instanced rendering
MSAA (Forward rendering only)
TAA (Temporal Antialiasing)
Deferred shading
Directional lights + cascaded shadow maps
Spotlights + shadow maps
Point lights + shadow cubemaps
Soft shadows (PCF)
BULLET Physics: rigid body, soft body
3D Audio (Xaudio2)
Input: keyboard, mouse, controller (rawinput, xinput), touch
Controller feedback (vibration, LED)
Backlog: log,input,scripting
Gamma correct, HDR rendering
Resource Manager
Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO, HBAO, MSAO)
Screen Space Reflections
Skin shader (Subsurface scattering)
Stencil layering
Deferred decals
Forward decals
Color Grading
Sharpen filter
Eye adaption
Lua Scripting
Dynamic environment mapping
Impostor system
Tiled forward (Forward+) rendering (+2.5D culling)
Tiled deferred rendering
Occlusion culling with gpu queries
Texture atlas packing
Tiled decals
Area lights: Sphere, Disc, Rectangle, Tube
Frame Profiler
Voxel Global Illumination
Huge draw distance support with reversed Z-buffer
Force Fields GPU simulation
Particle - Depth Buffer collisions
Ocean simulation (FFT)
Translucent shadows
Refraction caustics
Local parallax-corrected environment maps
Volumetric light scattering
Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) Fluid Simulation
Ray tracing, path tracing (on GPU)
Entity-Component System (Data oriented design)
Lightmap baking (with GPU path tracing)
Job system
Inverse Kinematics
Terrain Rendering (material blending)
Variable Rate Shading
Real time ray tracing: ambient occlusion, shadows, reflections (DXR and Vulkan raytracing)
Screen Space Contact Shadows

GLTF 2.0 extensions supported:
OS: Windows 7
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