iClone 7
Issue 5535
Once again: the ability for the Iclone frame rate to be something other than 60fps.
I work at 24 fps, which is the international standard for projection and playback, and has been since sound was added to film (about 90 years ago). This is impossible in Iclone.

In order to animation at 24fps in Iclone, you must animate in 60fps and then export at 24 fps. This unfortunately means that any key frames are displaced from their original positions by whatever reduction process Iclone uses.

The only other option is to animate at 12 fps (every fifth frame) and let the 24 fps output "print up" and add an Iclone generated "inbetween frames" -- about 2.5 frames between any keys I might set.

Animation requires that keyframes are set where and when the animator requires them, and not at the discretion of the software. And, quite obviously, running Iclone at 60fps means taxing a system harder than necessary if all you need is a 24fps output. If you're that set on providing a 60 fps system, at least include some options: 6fps, 12fps,15fps,24fps,30, 60?

That being said, the ability to output at a various rates (as it is now) is very helpful. It means I can animate at 12fps, and export at 48 fps, for slow-motion effects, and still have the keys fall in the correct locations.
OS: Windows 7
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Submitted bybexley
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2021 and this is still an issue? Unbelievable, It makes it so incompatible with my other programs. Custom FPS is a must. If we can export in it why can we not create in it? Makes no sense.
Cmon guys, if you want to compete in the professional animation marketplace then you need to do this. Don’t make me go back to Maya.
I'm doing a trial of iClone... NOW I remember why I left Cartoon Animator for Moho!!! lol... Weird preset framerate!
Yes, I need to export FBX of what I see in iClone to 24fps to integrate with live action and camera tracking. The animation is too short at 24, and the animation/mocap is too slow if output at 60 Fps. I think the computer could do some math to fix this... :-)
Include me in this too. As an animator I'm used to working in 24fps and instinctually know basic timings of body and object movement based on this frae rate. Having to now work at 60 frames means to use math every time to figure out simple things like how long a head turn should be when blocking out animation.

So yes can we add a 24fps option please.
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