iClone 7
Issue 3935
Offer a low-cost "Render-only" license for use on additional computers
In spite of iClone's "Real Time" nature, it can easily take an hour or more to render a video. It would be great to be able to render on a second computer while continuing to do more editing in iClone.

This request is to have a "Render-only" license available for purchase. It would be a "crippled" version of iClone that has all the editing features disabled, allowing you only the ability to interact with the Render options.

As a Render-only license, it would cost much less than a full iClone license.

A person should be able to buy as many as desired. If rendering to a PNG sequence, then you could actually render different portions of the same scene on multiple computers simultaneously. That would be awesome for people working on large scenes at 4k resolution with 3x anti-aliasing and other great-looking, performance-killing features turned on.

It would be okay with me if the licenses were node-locked.

A related, but different, request is here:
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byjustaviking
Yes, please. Being able to render in the BG awhile we keep Work JG is something I can do with Other products. It would be a great help to have this capacity. 
And let's have (1) license that comes with iClone, so you can render to the queue separate from the iClone program itself but without having to pay more (just separate the render process into a separate program, which iClone "feeds" into that program, just like, for example, Adobe does with all of it's products like After Effects and Premiere).