Character Creator 4
Released in 4.4
Issue 10779
Normal map loosing all details when converting to "Game Base"
When I am converting my character to "Game Base" it looses almost all details. This started to happen when i upgraded from 4.2x to 4.31. I noticed that there are almost no details in the new normal map that is created when converting the character to "Game Base". This happens regardless of what resolution I am choosing. You can see the result below.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byhenkee
@henkee, we ran into that issue again, but we could resolve it by changing from high to medium, then back to high again, and then converting. If you wanna check if it worked without having to go through the whole game base conversion, you can switch the head texture shader to PBR from Digital Human Skin, and the normal maps should look accurate there. If they still look flat, the issue hasn't been resolved. 

@reallusion answer at all?
Changing (or keeping) the viewport render settings to high doesn't work for me, the normal maps still get washed out.
Well we found the solution. The viewport render settings in the toolbar need to be set to high - if they are set to medium or below, the normal maps don't seem to convert to the PBR pipeline properly. You can check this before you convert to game base - if you select your character skin, go to texture settings for head, and change the shader type from Digital Human Skin Shader to PBR, you will notice that the normal maps don't carry across properly. Changing viewport render mode to high resolves this, and bakes properly when converted to game base.

Definitely a bug - would be good to see a solution from Reallusion soon.
Any answer on this? We are experiencing the same issue, normal maps are being completely washed out when converted to game base. Would be great to hear from Reallusion about this, as its a major bug if so, and we will need to move onto another software unless there is a resolution ASAP.