Character Creator 3
Issue 8267
Non Human Characters for Character Creator 3
When I say this, I'm talking about quadrupeds, birds and snakes. Right now, we don't have any of them and there are times when a generically animated animal isn't sufficient. I believe that Character Creator should apply it's benefits to non human characters as well. Give us a generic Bird, Quadruped, and snake and allow us to use the power of character creator to full effect in making unique looks for them, as well as allowing the upcoming Iclone 8 to build upon that with giving us the same animation tools for them. On top of that, allow the users to create combinations with CC3 figures so people can make that Centaur, or Gorgon like they imagine. It's powerful when people can them morph them into the figures they desire without having to be limited by what's available in the marketplace.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bywill2power71