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New problem with OBJ export
There seems to be a new problem exporting OBJ meshes to Blender. I am trying to find a work-around for the unresolved mess with FBX exports, so I thought I could export OBJ figure meshes and rig them in Blender with Rigify, but this fails at the stage where I attempt to parent the mesh to the rig- Rigify cannot 'resolve one or more bones' with the auto- weight painting. Unfortunately, Rigify does not specify which bones create the problem.

I think- memory uncertain- that I did this successfully a couple of months ago when I first got CC3, but I don't have a file to prove it, so I may be mis-remembering.

Suggestion: 1) Hurry up and fix FBX exports!
2) Give us Alembic, Collada and X3D import/export. FBX is problematic due to Autodesk being problematic.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byhkhaneveer
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Hi hkhaneveer,

Sorry for the late reply.
Could you send your OBJ to us, after check out your attached image, it seems your CC3+ base character import with CC3 base UV layout texture.

I don't know how to make videos and don't really want to learn. What was happening with OBJ to Blender was that Rigify would work fine until ctrl-P with automatic weights step, then it would fail with the message it could not resolve one or more bones.  I THINK I have narrowed this down to a conflict between how CC3 and Rigify handle single meshes with detached parts- ie, eyeballs and teeth and eyelashes. In that sense it's a Rigify problem. I don't know if it's practical to export those parts as separate parts, but still in the figure package, in OBJ, so I think I can separate them in Blender. Would be nice to have a one-step process though.

Since the update, my CC3 OBJ exports are putting the face materials on the neck, creating random dark spots on the mesh, putting nipples on the lower ribcage, and hovering the figure off the ground plane. I have a ticket on this open, but no response yet.

It would be nice if there was a Blender setting on OBJ export that would auto-scale to match Blender's sizing, and of course, get the feet on the ground.

As for FBX, originally I was having bizarre bone orientations, but that seems to have gone away with the update. I still don't understand how to make use of the CC3 rig in Blender though- is there a tutorial on how to handle 'skin bones' and such in Blender? As it imports, Blender doesn't seem to get what all those extra bones are for, and I don't know either so I can't tell it.
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Hi hkhaneveer,

Thanks for your feedback!
Could you capture a video to chow us the rig issue in Rigify?
You can upload to YouTube and attach the link in your next commen.
Also you'd mentioned the FBX issue, what kind of issue via FBX export?
Thanks for your help!