iClone 7
Issue 3885
Multiple Opacity Mapped Textures & Render Artifacts, Workaround is Adjusting Viewport Size
Notice this first with imported Daz hair that has overlapping Textures with Opacity maps (existed in previous iC7 builds as well.)
The more opacity-mapped textures involved, the heavier the rendered artifacting will be.
ie - if one, no artifacts, if > 3, becomes increasingly noticeable.

Daz OOT Samira Hair - imported from 3DXchange, has 9 separate hair-piece textures, each one has an opacity map:

(A) Veiwport size effect on rendered artifacts (See images beginning with '1080p')

-Viewport Size Normal (Default)
renders at 1080p - some artifacts

-Viewport Size Full Screen (Ctrl-7)
renders at 1080p - more artifacts and missing texture

-Viewport Size Mini (Drag up timeline so viewport is shrunk to less than 1/4 of screen height)
renders at 1080p - minimal artifacts

(B) Rendered Resolution Size effect on rendered artifacts (See images beginning with 'VPNormal')

-Viewport Size Normal
renders at 1080p - some artifacts

-Viewport Size Normal
renders at 2160p UHD - more artifacts and missing texture

-Viewport Size Normal
renders at 600p - minimal artifacts

(C) Super Sampling Amount on rendered artifacts (See images beginning with 'FinalRender')

-Viewport Size Normal @1080p
Final render at 0x SS - some artifacts

-Viewport Size Normal @1080p
Final render at 2x SS - more artifacts and some missing texture

-Viewport Size Normal @1080p
Final render at 3x SS - more artifacts and more missing texture

*Note 1 - Preview render is also susceptible to the phenomenon and does not avoid issue.
**Note 2 - format of render - JPG, BMP, PNG, TGA - has no effect. All susceptible to the phenomenon.

Thanks for providing the opportunity to improve iClone product and the experience of the iClone user community.
OS: Windows 7
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  • 1080pVPMini.jpg
  • VPNormal_1080p.jpg
  • VPNormal_2160p_UHDp.jpg
  • VPNormal_600p.jpg
  • FinalRender_1080p_0xSS.jpg
  • FinalRender_1080p_2xSS.jpg
  • FinalRender_1080p_3xSS.jpg
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Submitted byTonyDPrime
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Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi, Tony,

nVidia GTX 9 / 10 series display card include a ROV (Raster Ordered View) feature to handle multiple opacity objects. If the ROV feature is ON, this issue should not happened.

Although if the ROV is ON, you might also encounter another issue, that will cause iClone v7.22 to turn off ROV automatically to prevent crash.

However, in your case, the ROV requires DirectX 11.3 which is not supported in Windows 7, the ROV feature will not be turned ON in Windows 7, that's why in your Update Note 1, the other Windows 10 user run's fine.

If you could upgrade your system to Windows 10, it will be the best solution.

Otherwise, since the opacity object takes a lot of video memory, without ROV, iClone has limited the number of opacity pixels to 8M, it's about 4 layers of FullHD size.

Your Titan X should have 12GB VRAM, so we build a special version of iClone to allow for 64M opacity pixels, it's about 32 layers of FullHD size, but it will then occupy about 3.2GB video memory when iClone launched, and it's probably ok for your 12GB VRAM.

Please download the zip file here, there are 2 files inside:

Unzip and replace them to the following files:
C:\Program Files\Reallusion\iClone 7\Bin64\iClone.exe
C:\Program Files\Reallusion\iClone 7\Bin64\SDB\Bin003.dat

Please note that these 2 files are for iClone v7.22 replacement, be sure to upgrade to 7.22 and make backup of the original files before you replace them with the files in the zip.

Please let us know if this version of iClone could solve the issue?

Thank you, link sent to the email address you provided.
Feedback Tracker Admin
Thank you for your feedback.

Please provide your project file help us identify the problem.

You can use cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive to make the files available to us and email the link with "FT3885" in the email title to

Your help is highly appreciated.

The hair I was referencing is contained in an .iProject I have uploaded to DropBox.
If RL can test, please advise on location that I can email DropBox link to, so RL can download and open project on its end for review.
One more update, I did extend out the Mini Viewport, and as the Mini Viepwort  gets larger it does lead to pixelation artifacts in the mini viewport.  
What is interesting is that the pixelations will be in different areas of the hair, as the lighting in the mini viewport does not neccessarily match that of what is displayed in the main viewport.  

**Finding - the lighting of a scene influences the artifacting pixelation in a given dispaly
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