iClone 7
Issue 3876
Multiple Non destructive Expression layers
Imagine iclone having multiple layers of expression track.

E.g. If I have a character that's breathing heavily throughout the scene and I have that character do various stuff like looking around, showing angry, sad emotions in scene. In one expression layer, I animate the heavy breathing clip of 3 seconds and loop it through out the scene and in another expression layer I make the character look around express sadness and anger. I could just change the character's emotions without touching the heavy breathing. Heavy breathing clip would be untouched and will be modifiable even after the character's eye movement and emotions are animated. Right now any new expression adds on to the previous expression and takes away the ability to modify the 1st one.

This would offer a non destructive way of layering and modelling complex expressions and scenes. One could also export out the heavy breathing as a separate clip and use it whenever necessary. Each expression layer could have mask to enable or disable it throughout the timeline. If reallusion doesn't have the resources to deliver this feature, I hope they at least open APIs to be able to write such plugins so that third party plugins can make this software so much better.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bygogstudios
Has this been added in the meantime?
I really can't emphasize enough how much multiple (separately layered) expression timeline tracks is essential to fully featured and flexible facial animation and really needs to be added to iClone in the next version. This suggestion was made in 2018. Adding this functionality should be MUCH higher on your priority list.
This really needs to be added ASAP. Working with only a single timeline track for ALL facial features is not an option. If I'm animating a face I want to work non-destructively, do a pass on blinks, then eyebrows, then mouth, and so on, on separate tracks that I can tweak and shift around individually. I cannot do this with the current system without constantly merging down each pass into a Default clip. This is highly impractical.