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Released in 7.6
Issue 5591
Moving timeline marker causes RAM overload for specific project [Beta 6]
NOTE: This problem has also been observed in iClone 7.3 for this specific project, but I noticed it first in Beta 6, so I'm entering it here.

The test project can be obtained at: .

What I encounter is that by moving the timeline end marker, iClone freezes (blue circle is spinning). In addition, RAM usage shoots up and I have to kill the process.

Steps to reproduce (I have been able to repeat these a few times):

1. Load the scene.
2. Open the timeline and fully expand.
3. Select the character John in the scene and open the character's tracks in the timeline. The path the character is attached to will be visible as a white line.
4. Move the timeline end marker towards the beginning. The white line indicating the patch will shorten to a minimum. This is the point where the crash usually occurs (between frames 1650 end 1750)
5. Move the timeline end marking back and forth a couple of times between the time span indicated in Step 4 (so between frames 1650 and 1750).

In my case, this will trigger the problem where iClone freezes and RAM usage increases rapidly (I've observed 28 GB out of 32 GB).

There is something with the timeline track data for the John character that causes this, but I'm not sure what. The version of the project that I am providing was created in iClone 7.21, and I didn't have this problems when I worked on it.

I was just able to repeat the issue again and attach a screen capture, showing the iClone GUI and the RAM increase in Task Manager. Normal RAM for this scene is around 2 GB.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byanimagic
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Hi animagic,

Thank you for the detailed steps. We have repeated and reported to RD. Thank you!