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Motion Capture using HTC Vive
Not everyone can afford to pay thousands for motioncapture suits and plugins on top of that however there are many options now available in game engines such as unity and unreal to use the htc vive with trackers as a cheaper mocap solution.

It would be nice to be able to use this directly in iclone and have it implemented.
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Submitted byH4voc
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This really needs to be a thing because many of us already have the VR hardware (which is somewhat expensive already). I imagine the technology in VR is only going to get better. So if we look at Rokoko, and they're on the cheapest side of body tracking solutions, their Smartsuit Pro II suit goes for about $2,000. As an indie dev working single-handedly on a game, I can't justify that cost when I just need gross-motor-movement tracking -- even if it looks as seriously awesome as it does and the results are nothing short of fantastic). I just don't have that kind of budget. Can I literally out-right buy it? Sure. But there's not THAT much body tracking that I really need to do to justify it and even if I did have that much body tracking, I'd still be looking for some sort of cheaper tracking solution. I have a Leap Motion for hands (which I bought for a research project) and I
don't even really need FULL body tracking, I just need to be able to simulate the motion my character should do for bringing their right forearm up and
tapping onto a top-forearm-mounted display with their left side (essentially, shoulder, upper arm, and forearm -- the fingers I think the Leap Motion can
handle) and have that mapped onto my character in iClone.

Given Valve has been adding to their VR capabilities, namely the extra trackers you can buy, this would be PERFECT. I know the HMD works off of IR beams pushed out by the lighthouses where a rapidly rotating IR emitter spins in each one (you can see it with the Leap Motion camera pointed at it -- it's actually pretty neat). However, provided the temperature of the HMD itself isn't emitting too much energy, in the form of heat, in the IR spectrum and causing interference with the tracking (which is something it does seem to suffer from unless I have a fan pointed on it), it works VERY well.

I imagine as they invest more into their product line, they'll eventually make them inertial via accelerometers (as far as I know, currently all their
tracking stuff is IR at the moment).  Hell, I imagine a localized GPS system (using RF instead of satellites obviously) would work really well.

But seriously, this is one of those overlapping industries where VR and body tracking meet. The idea of tracking body points (mocap) goes
as far back to around 1993 (according to Wikipedia). This real-life tracking to be used in a digital processing environment is pretty much the same type of technology used in our VR headsets and was a societal craze for a while (think Max Headroom, Lawnmower Man, etc.). The tech used in VR has been around for a very long time and VR has become at least -mostly- affordable, and I'd like to see it come down further. In any case, body tracking can't continue to be an "old rich man's" club any more if we truly want to see innovation similar to the inklings we're seeing people do with VR headsets (and even cheap solutions like Google Cardboard). It's beyond possible. Let's get it done :)
can't imagine how convinient it would be for home film maker /streamer like me
and please make sure support tundra trackers as well
Throwing in my vote for this feature to be added- breckel openvr and or Manus polygon support please.
Please, I'm sure that could be a good opportunity for expanding iclone to new creators with budget limitations like me.
This would be awesome, right now I'm doing this within Unreal with a plugin.  Would love to do it in iClone instead.
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