Character Creator 3
Issue 7748
Morph export plugin/Pipeline
There really should be a plug in that allows users to export morphs to game engines. Even if it is a direct pipeline that can only be used to send morphs to say UE4 or Unity. I understand they need to prevent people from recreating their product. Morphs are their bread and butter, but as an indie developer, this limitation is very frustrating. The idea here is to use their morphs to create procedural NPCs and to allow the player to create their character in their own image. I have been struggling with getting a simple male to female morph slider in UE4. just to change the gender of the character. I was hoping to use morph targets for all 13 races in my game as well. I've searched all over the internet for a work around and everyone says to use DAZ, its kind of sad that a free program is suggested over CC. There really is a lot of potential with this program, I just wish RL would listen to their customers and support this feature.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byamazinde
yes!I need to import the deformation in iClone into UE4 through UE4 live link,such as Pregnancy and fetal movement,such as Water drop