Character Creator 4
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Issue 8637
More DAZ to CC4 export issues
In addition to the problems described in issue 8604, I am seeing this issue when trying to import Genesis 3 Male figure and clothing.
Clothes are fitted correctly to the body as long as they are parented to the figure in DAZ and exported with "Merge Clothing into Figure Skeleton" set, but in CC4 they are part of the figure and cannot be converted to clothing. The only option I can see is to convert to an accessory, which then becomes attached to the character's hip bone as a static mesh (see images). In CC3, the import process allowed you to specify whether a mesh was cloth, hair, etc, but in CC4 it seems to make that decision itself.

This is a big problem for me, because the only thing from DAZ that I am really interested in is the clothing; I thought I would be able to bring it into CC4 and save it as a conforming clothing item, ready to apply to any CC4 character.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bywayne_106495
You import them as Humanoid. Humanoids cannot utilize CC clothing system. Thus there is no way to convert the cloth.
Use Transformer to bring clothing in. Though as we speak, Transformer function is broken and most cloths comes unfit (guess you know that already). 
Got to wait until RL sorts Transformer issues.