Character Creator 3
Issue 7384
Medieval Weapons and Assassin Moves do not show up in the Smart Gallery in CC3
Steps to reproduce issue:

1. Purchase assets from the store:

2. Sync Smart Gallery

3. Assets do not show up in the Smart Gallery in CC3

You may say if it's visible in iClone it's working but all my other motions are visible in the Smart Gallery in CC3 so it's inconsistent. Also the Medieval Weapons asset says the following on the store page and yet it doesn't show up in CC3.

*For CC v2.3 or above ; IC v7.0 or above

Isn't this some sort of bug where you could just change a value to true in the pack and it would show up in the Smart Gallery by default?

I have iClone but these assets should show up in CC3 too. Also CC3 should have a way to play the motions. Is there a way to request adding the motion functionality to Character Creator? I have iClone but all my work is 2D. I've attached an image example of what I do using Character Creator.

This would really help with finding tearing and poke through in clothes before exporting to iClone too.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byrotaercz
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi rotaercz

Thanks for your report!
Here's some disposals:
(1) Assassin Moves pack has been fixed, please refresh your Smart Gallery in CC again, check if it shows or not.
(2) Medieval Weapon pack did not show is due to the file format issue, it has reported to our backend team. For now, you can apply the contents from IC by drag it into CC.
(3) Currently CC can't play motion but pose, if you need to check cloth poking issue, you can select the cloth and use "Skin Weight" function, there's "Calibration" can help you.

Please try above methods, if it's still can't solve your issues, feel free to contact us again!
Thank you, regards