Character Creator 3
Issue 4106
Make low-poly avatars *really* low-poly and correct
Remesher doesn't work, plain and simple -- it should be gotten rid of (it won't work on any skirts/dresses/longcoats). What we need is a simple way to create a low-poly avatar, one that gets rid of whatever it is that bloats the "normal" avatar (a Daz FBX character with full clothing clocks in at less than 7MB -- the same character converted to an avatar comes in at over 100MB).

Let me explain this a little better -- using the polygon reduce figure we can get the FBX avatar down to 30MB (so that's MUCH closer) but we don't have the ability to do the same with the avatar (making it a "game engine" one doesn't seem to reduce it much). We don't need facial morphs, teeth or even eyelashes (we DO need eyes, though). Same for toe and fingernails. It would be NICE to have physics, at least for one item, but if we had to do away with it even that would be acceptable IF we could get skirts and dresses and long coats to deform properly enough to look decent from a digital distance of 50 feet or so.

Yes, it will make the avatar "non-standard" but that's fine. It's kind of what everyone on the forums thought we were getting but even gamers will want this.
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Submitted byKelleytoons
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Hi, Kelleytoons,

We have removed the remesh function for iAvatar in CC 3.0, so I will change this issue as suggestion for the rest things you mentioned.
Thank you.