Character Creator 4
Released in 4.02
Issue 8559
Lots of issues importing Genesis 8 figures from DAZ using Transformer
I have been experiencing a lot of issues when using transformer with Genesis 8 figures and CC4. I have saved screenshots that detail what I am experiencing and I will try to explain the issues as best I can.

It is worth noting that I am not getting these issues using CC3 and the same FBX files. I have some screenshots of what I get in CC3 compared to what I get in CC4

The basic issues are as follows

Base material for eyelashes does not import - 100% of the time
Skin materials import with messed up Normals - 80-90% of the time
Tongue not located correctly - around 40% of the time

I have a series of screenshots that illustrate this

CC3001.png and CC4001.png show a closeup of the head after import. The CC3 import is as expected and in the screenshot for CC4 you will see messed up skin textures, no eyelash base material and an incorrectly placed tongue

CC4002.png-CC4006.png show the issues and how I resolve them. These screenshots are with a stylised figure but I get the same results on more realistic shapes as well.

I add a coloured image to the eyelash base material and this fixes that issue

Messed up Normals
I make a crude bump map from the base maps for the skin and replace the normal maps with these images. Whilst not ideal this largely fixes the issue but it is time consuming

Misplaced Tongue
I adjust the height and depth of the tongue and get it roughly into the correct position. This is far from ideal as I do not know the correct position for the tongue and I worry that if I want to do any facial animation it will be messed up

I also have issues with the way clothing is conformed on import with CC4
CC3002.png and CC4008.png show a full figure clothed view of the initial import for both packages with no tweaking of anything. CC3 is largely ok with reasonable clothes conforming only requiring some minor tweaking, however CC4 is very bad with very few items fitting well without major work. (This is worse with some clothes and better with others)
I also do not know why CC3 uses the T-Pose when importing but CC4 uses a relaxed idle pose and not either an APose or TPose as you would expect. I export from DAZ with an APose.

Lastly I have an issue that is driving me crazy as I can lose effort and time if I am not careful and don't save regularly. If I hide some clothing and then work on an item of clothing, usually transferring skin weights and/or calculating collisions... when I go back to a hidden item and unhide it nothing shows. This happens most of the time and all I can do to resolve this is to load the entire outfit back from a saved avatar.

CC4007.png shows the final result of tweaking in CC4 with the figure imported from the attached screenshots but I had to abandon the clothes the figure was imported with as I couldn't get these to conform well enough

I really like some of the new features of CC4 and the new UI but with the problems I am currently experiencing it is a complete waste of my time and effort.

If you need any further information my email is
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byMaynard
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So Jun 1.... hope we can fix this asap
So July 2 ...... transformer is still totally broken and no word from RL as far as keeping your PAID customers happy...
Nice..... I'll keep this in mind before i purchase another upgrade from you....
The more I look at this the more I realise how badly broken it is!

I am just angry now that I was conned into paying for this last year and I feel so ripped off!  I am just glad I didn't upgrade to iClone 8 as well as I can't imagine how bad that is if you can't get this right.

I am going back to CC3 as I don't expect this to be anywhere near working before next year unfortunately... especially with how little priority it appears to be getting!!
I Have attached a screenshot of Hair being misplaced along with the Tongue and this is resolved by exporting from DAZ with a flat foot pose.  Hopefully this information helps the devs understand what is happening so they can fix it in CC4

One of my figures imported today WITH the eyelash texture coming in correctly.  I would love to keep investigating why that eyelash worked and most others don't and why some hair does not get misplaced along with the tongue but I am reluctant to keep spending so much time doing testing that Reallusion should be doing.  I am also looking at the textures I use in DAZ to see if I can set my textures at the DAZ end to have them import more effectively.  I have a huge DAZ library and many years experience with DAZ which Reallusion may not have access to but they still should not rely on paying customers to do detailed testing for them.

I am getting very annoyed that Reallusion do not seem to be taking the unusable state of Transformer seriously and I would appreciate someone from Reallusion reaching out to me to assure me that they are committed to having the release of this product work as advertised. Contact me at
  • CC4-HairAndTongueIssue.PNG
I have worked out why the tongue is being misplaced and it is also sometimes the hair that is misplaced as well. 
The misplaced tongue problem, for me, has been related to high heeled shoes in DAZ.  The attached screenshots show the same DAZ figure being imported.  One with a flat foot pose and the other with high heels.  If you watch the transform process you see that the figure comes in as if it has a flat foot pose and right at the end everything, except the tongue and sometimes the hair, are translated up based on the high heels foot pose from DAZ.  This is why sometimes the tongue is through the chin and sometimes through the neck as it is based on how high the heel pose is.
  • TomgueTest-FlatFootPose.PNG
  • TomgueTest-HighHeels.PNG
Why is the status of this issue not set to assigned if you are looking at it and hope to have it fixed ASAP?

Also why was CC4 released with Transformer so broken?  I can't believe you did no testing so you obviously knew how bad it was working.  I am not a tester for Reallusion I am a paying customer who needs tools that work and I am really frustrated by this!!

Can someone from RL tell their customers what they are doing to make this work even remotely like it should!
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