Issue 11213
Limited Female Actions
I'm surprised at the lack of female motion packs. For every male action, there should be a parallel female action, unless it's specifically gender-related (like a woman lifting her breast to look at her abs, or a man fixing his pants so they don't ride up so high). I need female solder movements and all that is available are men's actions. Not sure if the recorders of MoCap data around the world realize that men's and women's body movements are very different. Having the same motion may work for a cartoon, but not for realism. The female body is unique in its design as well as its motion. Sadly, I need to bring this up. You think it would be common sense. Especially in a capitalist society.

List of requested motions:
Female Soldier Pack
Female Stealth Pack
Female Combat Pack
Female Driving Pack
Female Sports Pack
Female Fitness Pack
Female Climbing Pack
Men and Women Gymnastics Pack
Men and Women Olympic Pack

I'm sure the rest can be figured out.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byzancoisrice