iClone 7
Released in 7.2
Issue 3655
Keys split with move on existed projects
The keys are getting split with move on some of my existing projects (I cannot get clear pattern of this behavior). Particularly a copy of the torso key is left behind. For now I just delete them (not sure if it is safe).
But working on existing projects is quite annoying, specially if you try to move multiple keys.

Please see the video:
OS: Windows 7
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Submitted by4u2ges
Feedback Tracker Admin
We have fixed the issue that will left extra keys when converting motion clip to curve.

However, the project converted and saved in iClone 7.1, like your project STREET_NEXT.iProject, already contained those extra keys, so iClone 7.2 can not convert it again in case it cause other issues.
Please use iClone 7.2 to manually convert motion clip to curve for those projects have been saved in iClone 7.1.

We apologize for this inconvenience.

I encourage you to download a small project from my forum post and come up with the solution to "solidify" and preserve original keys.
My solution to use "Convert to Curve Data" cannot be applied to long clips as it greatly slow down iClone.

Thank you.
But regardless, projects keep crashing on copy/delete keys way too frequently.
Apparently, somehow newly installed Curve Editor was affecting some of the tracks on some projects (random). So to fix the problem I have described, right mouse click on the affected track > Curve Editor > Convert to Track Data

Affected tracks can be easily identified without any test. If "Convert to Track Data" option is NOT grayed out, then the track is affected and that option needs to be executed.

I am yet to start working with Curve Editor and figure what exactly that option is for.