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Keyboard shortcuts - More, and lots of them
Hello all,

I just recently purchased Iclone 7, 3dXchange Pipeline, and Curve Editor. I just spent the day learning the software, practicing on some FBX MoCap files I have that were messy, and cleaning them up for practice. I'm new to 3d animation in general, but I'm a software veteran, coming from the audio world of DAW's, and I've learned Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Logic, FL Studio, Studio One, and Bitwig. I list them only as a resume of software experience to demonstrate my experience as a software user, and workflow optimizer.

I'm a keyboard shortcut nut. For a professional to get things done in a timely manner, every second you san shave off of working production time is invaluable, as the seconds you shave can add to minutes. I googled the iclone 7 shortcuts, and found them incredibly lacking for what I was hoping it would be capable of. Perhaps I'm spoiled by the DAW software I'm accustomed to, where Pro Tools for example, is 100% entirely operable from the keyboard. You can track 16 piece bands without ever touching the mouse if you know what you're doing. Perhaps it's an apples to oranges comparison as one is 3D, and the other is audio, but the point remains, when I was working today, I found myself ACHING for keyboard shortcuts that just don't exist (That I'm aware of).

For example: I was doing a LOT of "Motion Layer" editing, switching back and forth between IK and FK, and several different limbs, between the grab tool, and the rotate tool, and then further switching between world space and local space. I found myself wishing there were dedicated keys for every bone that I could press to immediately select it. Even if it required the use of modifier keys, like control, and alt, and shift, what's what they're there for. Say for example, they could be laid out like the keyboard in the shape of a human (As close as you can get on a keyboard at least).

ALT + 5 = The head
ALT + R = Right Shoulder
ALT + E = Right Upper Arm
ALT + W = Right Forearm
ALT + Q = Right Hand
ALT + T = Left Shoulder
ALT + Y = Left Upper Arm
ALT + U = Left Forearm
ALT + I = Left Hand
ALT + F = Chest
ALT + G = Ribs
ALT + C = Right Upper Leg
ALT + X = Right Calf
ALT + Z = Right Foot
ALT + V = Left Upper Leg
ALT + B = Left Calf
ALT + N = Right Foot

I don't particularly care what the keys would be, but if they followed some sort of pattern they would be at least more easily memorizable and recallable, but they could be the numbers 1-9 for all I care, I just want quick access to them without touching the mouse as I constantly go back and forth between the upper arm and the forearm.

Next if there could be a shortcut to select between the IK and FK modes. Then shortcuts to select between the grab tool and the rotate tool. Then shortcuts to select between local space, and world space. There could be keys to scroll through the frames (I know there are currently the arrow keys, but they're context specific depending on what window you last clicked inside of. I want something global).

I'm sure there are COUNTLESS keyboard commands that could be added depending on your workflow and desired functionality, but I'm too inexperienced with the software to know any better what they are. These are just the ones that I found myself longing for, but I'm sure other community members, and certainly the software developers could come up with better ones than I could.

I really enjoyed using this software and I found it to be incredibly useful and intuitive!
OS: Windows 10
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