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Iray states that it's out of memory even though I have an abundance available- I believe the GPU memory gets fragmented after a while then defaults to CPU & Host Mem then crashes everything when full
Using an RTX 2080 Ti with an i7, 32 GB host ram and 32 GB of virtual ram
I'm not using Smooth mesh by subdivision -you had discovered that as incompatible with Iray.
I am using cloth physics, is this causing the same incompatibility under the hood as if I wear using smooth mesh by subdivision?
Initially when I open the project fresh it renders fine with the GPU.
In the log I get the message: "1.14 POST rend warn : Postprocessing is running on the CPU, but Denoiser is requested. Denoising is not available on CPU." Maybe when there is an error it defaults/falls back to CPU only mode?
More errors: "1.14 IRAY rend error: CUDA device 0 (GeForce RTX 2080 Ti): an illegal memory access was encountered (while allocating host mapped memory buffer)
1.14 IRAY rend error: CUDA device 0 (GeForce RTX 2080 Ti): device cannot be used as it does not support mapped memory (canMapHostMemory)"

I can't accurately reproduce steps because it's intermittent, except for moving the camera often.. it seems it just has a meltdown..

My overall belief is that I think the GPU memory gets fragmented and that iClone needs to release the video memory after so many steps.. and how I know this is a comparison - it defaults to the CPU & host memory -right? and in my case I have a lot more time/host memory before Iray/iClone crashes.
OS: Windows 10
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Hi Ascensi,

Can you provide your project file to us?

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Hi Ascensi,

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