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Issue 4075
Iray parameter - Add an option to Denoise the FINAL iteration
>>> This is being reported against iClone 7.3. It may or may not apply equally well to CC3 <<<

In addition to specifying a specific frame number to start applying the "De-Noise" feature, it would be nice to have the ability to simply request it be applied to the FINAL ITERATION when rendering.

1) On my tests, I see no difference in the quality if I start rendering right away, or wait until the final iteration. But I was able to measure a performance impact if I denoise every iteration. So it would result in improved performance if I wait as long as possible to activate the Denoise feature.
2) But... I can set both an "Iteration" limit and a "Seconds" limit on my rendering process. Suppose I wanted to render up to 1,000 iterations, and I turn on Denoise at iteration 999 or 1,000, but because I reach my time limit first, I might only render 850 iterations, so the Denoise feature does not get activated.

So if it is technically possible, that is why it would be nice and easy and convenient (and "safe") to be able to simply Denoise the final iteration, whether it is the last iteration due to a numerical count or a time limit being reached.

Although this could be applied to the Preview settings, I do not think that makes sense, because in a preview situation, you want a "good, usable" image as quickly as possible.

>>>>> I have attached a conceptual mock-up. See the right-most "Render" panel. <<<<<

Note there two related Issues I recently entered:
Issue #4017:
Issue #4073:

From the **Nvidia** documentation I've seen, it is "Denoise" without a hyphen. We should spell it the same way they do.
OS: Windows 7
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Submitted byjustaviking

Thank you for the feedback, and I look forward to the new feature appearing in a future patch.
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi, Dennis,

Our RD have evaluated this suggestion, they found that it is possible to do it.
We will try to implement the Denoise feature in a near patch.
Thank you for your suggestion.

Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi, Dennis,

Technically, it is possible. Our team will discuss about it in our future versions to decide whether they want to implement it.
I will leave this issue as Active until they made the decision.

If this is not possible, due to an Iray limitation, then please add appropriate comment here and close it.

But if it is possible, I still believe it would an awesome enhancement.